Thursday, August 2, 2012

I have been building a chicken coop for the last few days.  Or I should say, converting part of the kids' old A-frame play structure into a chicken coop in order to be more frugal. Although yesterday I was also trying out a new pasta recipe and making Scotch Eggs between measuring and cutting lumber, since I had offered to bring snacks to my mediation training class last night.

I am far from an accomplished carpenter - in fact, my carpentry skills are limited to owning a miter saw, having installed wood floors in my condo several years ago, and having built some raised garden beds.  As such, I spent more time than seems reasonable just staring at the old structure and thinking about how all the pieces would fit together around it, removing the old slide and trying to salvage the lumber, and deciding what type of lumber and hardware to purchase.  But I am happy to report that the slide is finally off, I salvaged several respectable planks of old lumber, and I have framed out the floor.  I really want to get started on the walls, door, and external nest box, but realize that installing the plywood floor  will become nearly impossible if I don't do that first.  So today may consist of building the door frame and taking measurements so that I can find/buy the necessary plywood - and making rhubarb jam!

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